New to Yoga? What to expect from your first class.

I remember attending my first yoga class after months of wanting to go then chickening out because of thoughts buzzing round my mind saying I would not be good enough, flexible enough, they would all be better than me and judging me because I can’t sit cross legged or touch my toes!

That’s the hardest part of getting to Yoga overcoming the fear of taking those first steps in to the unknown. In our class there is no judgement or competition (we were all a beginner once) we bring awareness inward so there is no need to take notice of what anyone else is doing. Classes with Solis Yoga are light hearted and full of humour, we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Class normally starts by a few minutes of silence, to connect the breath with the body and give the mind a rest then it’s time to set our sankalpa (intension for the class). We may then practise pranayama(breathwork) moving on to gentle stretching and movement to limber the body. Every class I teach is different and the theme will be discussed at the beginning there will be a mixture of Sun salutations, Balances and sequences that all benefit the body and mind in different ways.

I am always here to help and to ensure practise and alignment is safe, we try to move with our breath and instructions are continuously provided. The most important thing that I remind my students is to ‘listen to the body’ and to show ourselves respect. Its no good to force yourself in to positions where the body is protesting or where we could potentially cause injury and there is no harm taking a little time resting in child’s post or sitting if you need it, every week is different some weeks you may be full of energy and achieve all poses with ease, the next you may feel differently and have a harder journey achieving them. And that is OKAY!

We cool down the body with some gently stretches and twists then come in to our relaxation (Savasana), this may be followed by a guided meditation or some more pranayama. We end our class with an OM or Namaste feeling refreshed, carefree and nourished knowing we have provided a great service to our bodies and minds.

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Lots of love Emma x