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Yoga for Back Pain

So many of us suffer with back aches and pains, its annoyingly common and the cause can range anywhere from bad posture, exercising unsafely or the weight we carry in our bodies. our precious spine keeps us upright and is the most important structure in the body so it’s really important not to compress the […]

Meditation – Why we should all be doing it!

When I first thought of meditation, I pictured a Monk at the top of a mountain overlooking forests and lakes, legs crossed, eyes closed, the picture of serenity… I was sceptical about it and It was a side of Yoga I showed the least interest in. I only wanted my Practise to be based on […]

Yoga at Chessington Garden Centre

I am very excited to be teaching Yoga Classes throughout the summer at Chessington Garden Centre! classes are suitable for all levels and will be held in the very special events hut surrounded by flora and fauna. Come and practise together as we learn to create space in our bodies and move with our breath. […]

New to Yoga? What to expect from your first class.

I remember attending my first yoga class after months of wanting to go then chickening out because of thoughts buzzing round my mind saying I would not be good enough, flexible enough, they would all be better than me and judging me because I can’t sit cross legged or touch my toes! That’s the hardest […]

The importance of spending time the wrong way up

For many, the idea of being upside down is a strange one and indeed before I discovered yoga I would have agreed with them, now each day I look for the time when I can spend a few minutes looking at the world from the wrong direction! There are many benefits of an inversion (upside-down […]

New Year Offer – Bring a friend for free to any of my classes in January

Special New Years Offer – Bring a friend for free to any of my classes throughout January. Start your New Year as you mean to go on, nourishing your mind, body and soul! All levels and ages are welcome. Special New Years Offer – Bring a friend for free all throughout January. Start your New […]

The wonder of Ujjayi Breathing

Muscles trembling, mind wandering, thinking about work that day or what to have for dinner that night, sweat beading on my brow, and wondering how an earth I can hold this posture for a second longer! I am sure anyone who has practised yoga has experienced this… then the teacher reminds me to come back […]