Chair Yoga.

Chair Yoga is a perfect Yoga practise for all bodies and all ages. Whether you be senior or less able bodied, if you are desk bound, travel a lot or are happier to be sitting in a chair and not on the floor.

Chair Yoga helps us to stay active and energised, alert and mobile. It encourages better breathing and posture, it is brilliant for those with restricted mobility due to disability, injury and any conditions that mean mat based Yoga is inaccessible.

In Chair Yoga Poses are modified so they can be practised whist using the chair for support whether it be sitting or standing, this makes yoga available to anybody who has issues with standing or balance. Classes include a mix of postures, that include versions of hip openers, twists, inversions, side and gentle back bends as well as breathwork and mindfulness practise.

Pretty much everybody can join in a Chair Yoga Class including those with knee or hip replacements, inner ear or balance issues, dizziness, head injury, joint pain or arthritis, vision or hearing impairment. Benefits include, improved focus, body alignment, mobility, posture, balance, flexibility, and strength as well as benefits of the mind and breath, it is also really sociable and fun, so why not give it a go!

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