Pre and Postnatal Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Practising yoga on the journey to motherhood is a very special and personal thing, Pregnancy is a time of transitions and transformation and a time for women to discover the true power for their feminine bodies. Pregnancy yoga offers an effective way of self care to help mothers to be adapt with the constant changes to their bodies and energy levels, prepare their bodies and minds for Labour as well as connect and deepen the bond with their unborn baby.

What to expect in a pregnancy class
• We learn to listen to our bodies and empower ourselves
• Strengthen our bodies and align our pelvis.
• Create new space in the body
• Gain energy in a nurturing environment
• Optimal foetal positioning
• Pregnancy yoga teaches you active birthing techniques for labour
• Breath work (prayanama)
• How to strengthen our Pelvic floor (very very important before and after pregnancy)
• Pregnancy yoga is a fantastic opportunity to create a network of expectant mothers so you have support in those first few months and maybe make some friends for life!

Mamma and Baby Yoga

Postnatal Yoga offers new mums some time to reconnect with their body and the changes they are feeling as well as offering support from other mothers. Postnatal yoga focuses on taking time out for yourself and your new baby, learning to knit the body back together and using the space as a tool to breathe and recharge as well as singing songs, chanting and getting babies involved in classes.

What to expect in a postnatal class
• Time to enhance wellbeing and recharge energy levels
• Chat to other new mums to support and reassure each other.
• Re aligning the body and pelvis
• Strengthening the pelvic floor
• Knit the body back together
• Postnatal yoga help mothers to deal with stress and anxiety which is very common when you have such a big new responsibility
• Strengthen the muscles of the back, alleviating back pain and promoting better posture.
• You will have some special time just for you and your new baby to bond.
• Chanting, Singing and Playing with babies.
• Classes are relaxed and Feeding and nappy changing are very welcome.

Private Classes available, Mamma and Baby Yoga Classes available from May 19 in Bookham and Kingswood, Pregnancy Yoga coming soon!

Solis Yoga Pregnancy-Dancers Pose / Natarajasana in front of tree.
Solis Yogo pose Wide Legged Forward Bend / / Prasarita Padottanasana