Yoga for Back Pain

So many of us suffer with back aches and pains, its annoyingly common and the cause can range anywhere from bad posture, exercising unsafely or the weight we carry in our bodies. our precious spine keeps us upright and is the most important structure in the body so it’s really important not to compress the spine or injure any of vertebrae or disks!

In class we talk a lot about strengthening our core to protect our spine but what does that mean? how do we know if our core is engaged? Here are some of my top poses to help strengthen my core muscles and also to relieve any aches and pains!

1. Navasana – Strengthen that core!!
– Spine long
– Imagine you are wearing a corset – the ribs hug together
– The stomach gently pulls in and up
– Take the pose to a level where you feel comfortable
– Hold for 10-15 breaths


2. Tadasana / Mountain Pose
– Start from the feet lift the toes slowly then the heels, feel you are really rooted down
– Imagine you are lifting the knee caps by engaging the quads
– Glues lightly engaged
– Feel the stomach gently squeeze as if you were waring a light pair of jeans
– Ribs meet
– Shoulders roll up back and fall in to a comfortable position
– Palms turn forward
– Crown of the head grows to the sky
– Close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of standing tall engaged, strong and grounded
– Practise this as often as you can to improve posture and core strength!


3. Cat/cow
– Wrists under shoulders
– Fingers spread wide
– Knees under hips
– As you inhale lift head and tailbone to the sky and drop the stomach down to the earth
– On exhalation round the spine bringing the stomach to the spine, drop head down and tuck tailbone under
– Keep moving with the breath 10-15 times
– Its addictive be warned


4. Knees to chest
– Lie on back
– Bring knees to chest
– Hug tightly with your hands and arms
– Rock side to side and/or round in small circles


5. Supine Twists / Supta Matsyendrasana
– Hug knees to chest
– Hands out to the sides in line with shoulders or overhead
– Let knees fall over to one side keeping them as high as you can (imagine you are trying to hug them under your armpit)
– The head falls to the other side
– Breathe here for a few minutes or as long as you like then gently swap the knees over to the opposite direction


These are just a few of the many poses that can aid back pains and I hope this helps!! please do feel free to get in touch if you should want any more information or any more of my top tips!

Emma xx


Meditation – Why we should all be doing it!

When I first thought of meditation, I pictured a Monk at the top of a mountain overlooking forests and lakes, legs crossed, eyes closed, the picture of serenity… I was sceptical about it and It was a side of Yoga I showed the least interest in. I only wanted my Practise to be based on postures and breathwork as that’s what I believed was the most important when in fact these are only 2 out of the 8 limbs of Yoga.

In a class setting of 60-75 minutes once a week it can be difficult to approach the aspect of meditation but it really is if not more important that Asana. The only reason we practise Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathwork) is so we can ready our body and mind for the meditation that should follow.

The reason that it is so important to practise mediation is that it makes you present, makes you a more grounded and calmer person, brings self-awareness, gives you the gift of inner peace and is the best thing you can do for your mental health.

It can be really challenging in this day and age to find thirty minutes plus to sit in silence with our throughs to meditate, there are many many great apps and programmes that can help us but even that can be overwhelming. As soon as we try to silence the mind goes in to overdrive thinking about the most bizarre things like a meal we once had on that holiday to Crete in 2005! This is all part of the process of Mediation and entering Samadhi (a state of divine bliss) but for myself personally I found different ways to enter meditation when it is not possible to find the tranquil environment I craved.

1. House Hold Tasks – Washing up and dusting can be really amazing ways to quiet the mind, it calms the nervous system and mindlessly focusing on the task of cleaning gives the mind a chance to become quiet. So next time you are feeling frazzled grab a duster!

2. Walking in Nature – This one is my absolute favourite! Walking mediation should be made compulsory in my eyes! Walking underneath the canopy of ancient trees feeling the earth underneath your soles, permitting your ears pick up the sound of nature and letting your feet wonder is the most amazing way to quiet the mind, process thoughts and feelings and take in some much-needed fresh air. Mother Nature is truly awesome!

3. Sketch, Doodle or Paint – When I have had a trying day, I find that getting the creative juices flowing really helps to calm me down. Sitting comfortably away from the distraction of technology with a pencil and a scrap of paper and mindlessly letting my mind guide my hand to create shapes and designs brings me focus and clarity. It’s like I am doodling out all the distractions, doubts and blockages that have been buzzing in my brain leaving a much more centered, concise being behind!

4. Music – putting my Headphones in closing my eyes and listening to my favourite music is an amazing way to calm the mind as there is no room for buzzing thoughts when your ears are full of music!

5. Pamper – Lastly, I have found that when I want some peace and quiet and some time for quiet a bath is a gift sent from heaven! Light some candles put some gentle music on and relax.

If you want to learn more about meditation private classes are available, get in touch here!