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Yoga in the workplace

Yoga in the workplace? Could this be a success in your business?
Absolutely it can!

There has been a vast amount of research in to wellness in the work place and according to the HSE, in total, 15.4 million working days were lost in 2017/18 as a result of stress & mental health issues, up from 12.5 million the previous year. The most successful companies support their employees in a holistic way and Yoga can bring about significant benefits to the individual also bringing about improved engagement, job satisfaction and productivity for your business, studies have found that simple Yoga and Meditation techniques can make a huge difference in stress management.

In my experience I have found that Yoga in the workplace can teach employees simple, do-able techniques to relieve stress, move the body whilst sitting or standing at a desk to alleviate tension and improve posture.

Classes can be delivered in to all capabilities and abilities morning, lunch or evening and can be adapted to the environment and office space you have.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga include, happier and healthier employees, better stress management, less hostility, more energy, reduced back pain, better digestion and an overall boost in productivity in the workplace!

Let me help you help your employees with the power of Yoga! If you feel your company could benefit from Yoga or Desk Yoga sessions tailored to suit the needs of your employees ensuring they practise safety, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Review from Karen Read Direct at Viadex Ltd – Surbiton Surrey

“Emma is an amazing, patient and knowledgeable teacher. She has been teaching at our office for several years and we have all benefited tremendously from our lessons. Each lesson we focus on a different part of the body which makes for an interesting work out. The health benefits are almost surpassed by the mindfulness you experience during the lesson.

We have also been fortunate enough to have Emma teach us desk yoga. It is amazing to learn how you can ease your aches and pains whilst not moving from your desks. If you’ve never tried this I would highly recommend it!”

Review from David Harper at Unilever –  Leatherhead Surrey

“Huge thanks for one of my favourite  moments in the week.  A great variety of yoga, very mindful with a good balance of strength and stretch”

Four images of a Solis Yoga corporate class. People seated around a wooden office desk.

Desk Yoga Class in the Workplace

Solis Yoga Corporate class demonstrating Tree pose indoors.

Corporate Yoga class demonstrating Tree Pose

  • Three images of Solis Yoga Class students

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